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To join the film list and have the options emailed at the earliest opportunity please send your details to:

Films are generally shown close to the middle of the month (please check the blog for details). We show recent films as chosen by all members of the Rural Cinema network.

By joining our mailing list you can suggest and vote for the films that you would like to see.

Please reserve your seat by email

Suggestions for future films are always welcome. The catalogue of films available from FilmBank can be found at

I would welcome offers from those who would be willing to provide help on an occasional basis. I would particularly like to have someone to share the email exchanges that keep the cinema list informed.

Please get in touch if you have a local interest video that you think may have general appeal for our audience. Keith

Other Information All Seats £3.50 The best seats are reserved seats. Padded seats for the first 55!

Please check blog for the latest information.

Updated 21/03/2022